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Collectief is a small cosy shop created by Jelle and Ingeborg in Ghent.

Here you can find unique handmade items made by them and other local shops. 

Plant Pyjamas has a small collection available at Collectief.

Everyone is welcome to bring a visit.

Have a look on their website:

Address: Meibloemstraat 42 - 9000 Gent

Facebook: @Collectief Gent
Instagram: @collectiefgent



This cute shop is the perfect place to find some beautiful plants and flower bouquets.

Not only a great place for plants and flowers but also for accessories and decorations. Since October 2021 you can also find a small collection of Plant Pyjamas.

Definitely worth bringing a visit!

Have a look on their website:

Address: Nerenweg 4 - 9270 Kalken

Facebook: @Fleur-A-Lie
Instagram: @fleur.a.lie



Every first Wednesday there is a Greenagers Pop up event.  Only on this day the big greenhouse is open to everyone from 15h until 20h.

They have a beautiful collection of plants, plant pots en of course you can also find some Plant Pyjamas.

Come around and have a listen about why you should maybe consider hydroculture to keep your plants.

Have a look on their website:

Address: Haenoutstraat 147 - 9070 Destelbergen


Instagram: @greenagerss_decofora


Garden Center Wemmel

Since July 2021 you can also find Plant Pyjamas at this great garden center.

Definitely recommend bringing then a visit if you are into collecting rare plants.

You can also find the following: Home and garden decoration, Weber barbecues en beautiful flowers.

Have a look on their website:

Address: Zijp 23, 1780 Wemmel (Belgium)

Facebook: @gardencenterwemmel

Instagram: @gardencenterwemmel


Tuincentrum Braeckman

Also at this family owned gardencenter you can find a small collection of Plant Pyjamas creations.

Next to a great collection of outdoor plants, indoor plants en dried flowers you can also find some other products of small local businesses.

A must see and do here is picking your own bouquet of flowers. I definitely recommend bringing them a visit for this or gifting the activity to someone who loves flowers.

Have a look on their website:

Address: Ascopstraat 18 - 9270 Laarne

Facebook: @tuincentrumbraeckman

Instagram: @tuincentrum_braeckman

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